The Girl Behind The Lens: Kiah Inglis

Twenty-five year old part-time photographer based outside of Melbourne, Victoria (Australia). Horse lover, rider and competitor.

In my mind, there are two kinds of equestrian photographers: those who are photographers first, who came upon an interest in photographing horses; and those who are horsey people first, who have come to include photography in their already horse-mad life. As someone who just finished paying off a huge vet bill, is currently saving up for their next block of lessons, and who has a bigger collection of joddy's and riding boots than dresses or heels - I think I qualify as the latter...

When you book a shoot with me, you are getting the experience that I would like to get if I were to book a shoot with my own horse, Doc. When you look through my event photos, you are seeing the photos that I would like to see of myself as a rider. I do this job because at every event, and at every shoot, I get to do my two favourite things in life: use my camera, and hang out with horses. Every time I pick up my camera, I feel excited about my work, and challenged to take even more stunning, eye-catching and flattering photos than the time before.